- a boatmen's odyssey -

One might have yet pondered the daily routine of a boatman in Singapore. It is easy to overlook this minuscule demographic as boatmen hardly play a visible role in anybody's life in what appears to be a very much self-consuming city state today. But say if one were to decide to pay nearby rural Pulau Ubin a visit from the eastern shores of Singapore, one might probably be able to catch a small glimpse of what it is like to be eking out a living as a boatman around the straits of Singapore. 

These photographs seek to portray one of the many trips-for-hire carried out by some boatmen everyday across the waters of Singapore – something which to them is probably nothing more than a mere pattern of survival that they have long inured themselves to, and yet at the same time something which may invite deeper questions as to how much longer these boatmen can continue to hold their own positions in the face of gentrification that is starting to creep into the outskirt areas of Singapore.