- no country for old men -

The specter of being socioeconomically ‘left behind’ in society as one advances to statutory retirement age and beyond is a perturbing prospect confronting many elderly Singaporean men today.

With no state welfare pensions scheme in place, increasing cost of living, a heavily technology-driven economy and no state-sanctioned policy of minimum wage, under-skilled elderlies without any savings or caregivers to rely on face extreme difficulty seeking out much needed gainful employment in order to sustain their daily living – and often enough, they don’t quite make it. Add in to the mix of factors higher life expectancies and an ageing population, things get ever more complicated for this increasingly marginalized segment of society in Singapore.

Yet life goes on.

This series of photographs features elderly men trying to cope in an environment where economic obsolescence, if not already experienced, is feared to be just around the corner for them.